Write a Good Cyberpunk Novel

The Messy Future of Technology

Cyberpunk is one of the fastest growing sub-genres of science-fiction the past couple of decades. The basic premise of a cyberpunk is it takes place in a futuristic world not that far off from our own. Usually they are grim, bleak places with a focus on corporations as global powers, and urban decay, as depicted in the movies such as “I, Robot,” “Blade Runner,” and many others.

There is a lot more to this genre than meets the eye, and even though some people like it because it just because it is so grim in its depictions of a dystopic, grimy future, it has many advantages that other genres can’t touch. I was first introduced to cyberpunk via a movie called “Minority Report,” and while it has some flaws, its premise about predictability and change is definitely real. My favorite part of it, though, is how very easy it is to write a cyberpunk novel or story, even if you don’t read any cyberpunk literature.

For one thing, cyberpunk novels are usually short, with a plot that has some twists and turns. For another, they also tend to be written in an enjoyable manner, where you get what you pay for.

Fiction is very important, particularly fiction that has a chance to be read over again. However, when you read something online, it has little chance of being read again. There are people who only read online literature, and there are people who only read novels. If you choose to write cyberpunk, though, you have a chance to become known as one of those people.

A tremendous advantage to writing cyberpunk is that it doesn’t require a lot of research, and it also allows you to do some pretty interesting things in your story. By writing cyberpunk, you aren’t forced to “explain” everything.

  • You don’t have to spend time learning how a computer works
  • You also don’t have to explain how to program a machine, which is another reason that cyberpunk tends to be more entertaining and less boring than other fiction

Like much of science fiction, it is a speculative genre, and as such lets the author create new technologies in a world where they may be commonplace, or even mundane.

As much as some people might not like it, or find it overdone, it is a genre that has proven it is here to stay. The computer systems of the future are already here, but they aren’t used much at all in their greatest capacity. They are actually glorified clocks, and most people simply don’t use them much anymore.

There are a lot of techno-wannabe types that hate it, but it’s true. Today, computers are as common as androids. But those without a computer in their lives can’t expect to survive in the near future.

That is why middle class families are in danger, because there are no longer enough jobs to support the family. This problem is going to lead to a revolt, and the only way to survive is to develop a cyberpunk fiction.

The Frontiers of Sci-fi

As mentioned before, cyberpunk is a whole new generation. It can go from novels that are set in the future of the cyberpunk fiction to the near future. You can also set it in an alternate history, to other worlds, alternate civilizations, and other times in history.

Another fun thing about writing cyberpunk is that you can tell a completely new story from the perspective of a character that isn’t there. Even the main characters are not necessarily human. In fact, many of them are cyborgs, which means that they are very human but have been completely remade in some way.

So if you want to write a good cyberpunk novel, it’s not as hard as it may seem. Just remember that there are going to be plenty of readers, and a lot of people that will enjoy your work.