A Game by R. Talsorian

2027.The Incorporated States of America rules the land of the fast-gun techno-hero with a cybered fist. And a terrifying new plague sweeps the wasteland that streetkid America has inherited from the Edgerunners of 2020. Now, with amazing powers beyond mere cybertech — abilities that defy known science, a handful of angry juvegangers have Evolved to become the Cybergeneration; a generation born to the Street — raised on danger and deception, leading the battle to win back their world. The ISA is closing in, hunting them down to eliminate or control them. But these kids know the war’s just beginning …

Photorealistic 3d illustration of the futuristic city in the style of cyberpunk. Empty street with neon lights. Beautiful night cityscape. Grunge urban landscape.

The Future of Cyberpunk

The Future of the Future The future of cyberpunk has long been a topic of debate between fans, scholars and futurists. Since cyberpunk was a

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Technology Fears

Fearing for the Future With the new releases of Terminator and Total Recall, a couple of new science fiction books have hit the shelves. The


Cyberpunk Technology

Imagining the Future of Technology Cyberpunk technology is the antithesis of traditional computer science. It is a huge topic and has been researched and written

Orange and green technology background circuit board and html code,3D illustrationOrange and green technology background

Write a Good Cyberpunk Novel

The Messy Future of Technology Cyberpunk is one of the fastest growing sub-genres of science-fiction the past couple of decades. The basic premise of a

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Tabletop 101

When you are thinking about playing a tabletop RPG, you need to do so with the help of rules. If you are looking for something

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Basics of Fantasy

An important ingredient in writing a good fantasy story is making the protagonist’s attitude believable. If the reader thinks the protagonist is acting correctly, she

An RPG Tale

When it comes to a role-playing game, one of the best aspects of this medium is that you can select how you play. You can